Making The Most Of Your Fax Broadcasting Campaign




The purpose of this report is to offer real suggestions that can make a real difference in your fax broadcasting efforts.  

 1. Design your fax document to be Black and White only OR gray scale. Any other color like red, blue or green will become a shade of gray.

 2. Convert your fax document to a PDF or Tiff format.

 3. There are 2 sending resolutions: Standard Mode and    Fine ( Photo ) Mode. Make sure your fax broadcasting service sends your fax in the “Fine Mode” resolution. The will provide the best clarity.

 4. We will send you a proof through our system before sending out your fax broadcast campaign. As a result, you get another chance to make any revisions, but also you can see the quality of the fax broadcasting system.

 5. We will confirm your date and time of your run.

 6. Insert your fax number in our fax list.( if you wish ) This way you will get a copy of the fax during the actual fax broadcast campaign. If it’s not already on our list.

 7. We will send you an email during your run to update you on progress.

 8. From time to time, you may need to update your fax list ( if not using our list ) because of area code splits.

 9. Personalize your fax document by merging your recipients’ information into the fax document.

 10. Use a large enough font size and clear font type. Typically, Arial font at 12 or 14 is very good.

 11. Keep your page margins at least 1 inch for the whole document.

 12. On request, send you fax broadcast reports from your fax broadcasting run after each fax broadcast.