WHY FAX? The Advantages of Fax Advertising

Advantage #1 - The great thing about fax advertising is that everybody has to read their faxes. You are guaranteed of at least one view per fax, unlike a magazine which has a hundred pages and your ad may or may not be seen. Direct mail many times will be thrown directly into the garbage. Not every body watches the TV channel you're advertising on exactly at that time.


Advantage #2 - When you purchase a fax list or use our inhouse lists, your cost to send goes down every time you use it to the point where you're only paying for the fax send cost. The fax send cost is a mere fraction of the cost of a stamp. Every time you send out direct mail, you don't get a reduced rate for postage unless you're sending out millions. Having said that, the first time cost of purchasing a fax list, combined with the fax send cost is always less than the cost of printing, labour and postage with a direct mail campaign.

Advantage #3 - And because we have over 600 Digital fax lines, Hard Copy can send out Tens of THOUSANDS of faxes per hour, we can have your fax ad delivered much quicker and more efficiently than direct mail through the standard postal system.

Advantage #4 - We assume that everybody who has access to a fax machine is either employed or self employed which gives an active audience who are making money.

Cold Leads?
Slow Sales?
Looking for new customers?

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We will design your ad and start faxing it to your new customers right away!

Fax marketing beats mail shots and telesales for the cost of getting a new lead or sale - up to 70% less. 


Fax Broadcast - Communicate Easier & Faster
Fax marketing is a faster, easier way of communicating with existing and prospective customers than traditional methods of direct marketing and costs significantly less. Fax Information Services can deliver the message to your clients, prospects and employees quickly and easily. Fax broadcasting yields direct, immediate and measurable results.

Higher Response Rates
Using our database to target your fax messages will help you achieve higher readership. Additionally you can time your message for when in the day you want your recipients to receive it. With our fax system you can send hundreds, even thousands of faxes to customers simply by sending a single document to us.

Our customers range from businesses faxing 250 pages per week to volume enterprises sending 50,000+ pages per day. Their range of purposes includes: generating new sales leads, motivating increased business from existing customers, advertising special promotions and offers, promoting seminars, conferences and exhibitions, and alerting customers to news regarding products and services.

Types of business, which find fax broadcast valuable for their business, include:
-Resellers of PC Consumables
-Magazine & Directory Publishers
-Sporting Goods Manufacturers
-Health Products Suppliers
-Office Supply Companies
-Mobile Phone Retailers
-Auction Houses
-Media Companies
-Automotive Dealers
 -Travel Agencies
-Resort Destinations
-Internet Marketers
-Financial Institutions
-Information Services
-Water Cooler Suppliers
-Estate agents


We accept the following Documents and Fax List Formats:

Supported Documents
• MS Word
• MS Excel
• Word Perfect
• RTF Files
 Supported Fax List Formats
• MS Access
• MS Excel
• ASCII Comma Delimited