Hard Copy Fax Broadcast Applications Include:

Resellers of PC Consumables
Magazine & Directory Publishers
Sporting Goods Manufacturers
Health Products Suppliers
Office Supply Companies
Mobile Phone Retailers
Auction Houses
Media Companies
Automotive Dealers
Travel Agencies
Resort Destinations
Internet Marketers
Financial Institutions
Information Services
Water Cooler Suppliers
Estate agents

Just About Anything

Using Hard Copy Fax Broadcasting & Fax Blasting To Generate
Dozens Of New Leads, Sales


We do all the work
From beginning to end, we can handle every aspect of your broadcast including, fax list acquisition, page design, and follow up.

Great rates
We search for the best domestic and international phone rates and pass on the savings to you. And with volume discounting, the more you fax, the more you

Cost effective
Fax broadcasting is much less expensive than a direct mail campaign and yields a much higher rate of response.

Graphic design services
We can create a new document or take your existing page and optimize it for faxing. This insures the delivery of your fax will have razor sharp text and photos that appear real with tonal depth and clarity.

List acquisition
Need to reach a specific audience in your industry? We can find fax numbers to match. We also offer data cleaning services to "revive" your old contact lists.



Our state-of-the-art equipment & over 600 Digital fax lines enables thousands of fax messages to be delivered simultaneously to your desired parties in an effective and efficient manner.
Let Hard Copy Communications put your FAX BROADCAST message in the hands of your clients.



 Fax broadcasting is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals worldwide to help keep existing clients informed of new and important developments, as well as to drum up new business with prospective customers.