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Hard Copy Communications we guarantee that you get the best quality, the most honest service and the best rates available. Our Fax Broadcasting & Fax Blasting services is simply & Clearly the best way to reach tens of thousands for less then any other marketing platform out there. All of our clients’ advertising campaigns are handled with care, attention and individuality by all of our sales and marketing teams. We believe in our product, our clients and our service.

Fax Broadcasting & Fax Blasting is a form of direct marketing. It is used in the place of or in addition to Telephone Canvassing, Direct Mail, and Email Broadcasting. There are so many advantages to using Hard Copy Communications for Fax Broadcasting & Fax Blasting marketing.

Fax Broadcasting & Fax Blasting is the fastest, most reliable and cost effective means of communication. For less time, sensitive applications, such as direct marketing, fax not only generates rapid market response but it is significantly 50% - 75% cheaper than direct mailing. While people throw away Direct Mail, are irritated by telephone sales people and may object to an Email broadcast, they are less likely to throw away a fax without reading it.


- The great thing about Hard Copy Fax advertising is that everybody has to read their faxes. You are guaranteed of at least one view per fax, unlike a magazine which has a hundred pages and your ad may or may not be seen. Direct mail many times will be thrown directly into the garbage.  Not every body watches the TV channel you're advertising on exactly at that time. 



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Fax broadcasting & Fax Blasting is a powerful tool for your home or other business.  Fax broadcasting can generate sales for your business this week!  Fax broadcasting works for network marketers, MLM, small, large, and corporate businesses alike to quickly reach thousands of people instantly that need or could use your product or service.

Hard Copy Communications. We specialize in generating leads and sales for your small or home business through fax broadcasting, and other e-commerce strategies such as website design & marketing , email, and more!   Free fax broadcasting tips are available. We have been in business for 12 years in the Edmonton area. Most of our clients have been using our services on a regular bases for the last 8 to 10 years!! The reason being...


HARDCOPY is a customized, automated fax broadcasting system. HARDCOPY enables you to send documents to multiple destinations instantly. Whether you need to send information around town or around the world, HARDCOPY can broadcast your documents at a moment's notice.
  • You do not need to download or learn any new software.
  • You do not need any technical expertise.
  • You free-up your resources - our servers and lines do all the work
  • Our high volume capacities can run broadcasts on your schedule.
  • We make sure you are happy or we re-run your ad again. FREE OF CHARGE